Pivot Door
ORDER CODE Tray Size Tray Finish Adjustment: Min-Max with Side Panel Glass Type Price (Incl VAT) Price (Excl VAT)
M61201N 700mm 680 - 730 Standard Clear
M61221N 900mm 850-900 Standard Clear
M61231N 1000mm 950-1000 Standard Clear
M61211N 760/800mm 740-790 Standard Clear
Optional Side Panel
ORDER CODE Tray Size Tray Finish Adjustment: Min-Max Recess Price (Incl VAT) Price (Excl VAT)
M62201N 700mm 680-705
M62221N 900mm 875-900
M62231N 1000mm 975-1000
M62211N 760/800mm 745-790
Optional Inline Panel
ORDER CODE Tray Size Wetroom Adjustment: min-max recess Price (Incl VAT) Price (Excl VAT)
M6I125 140mm 115-140
M6I200 215mm 190-215

Left hand

Right hand


Left-handed enclosures open to the left, right-handed enclosures to the right. 

All of our trays are reversible, bar our offset quadrants.

The perfect fit shower tray

Complete your enclosure with a shower tray designed to fit

Choose from our luxurious handcrafted Truestone slate trays in a choice of designer colours or minimalist and ultra slim Level 25 trays to add a contemporary feel to any bathroom.

STYLISH storage & Grab rail

revo, the most stylish grab rail on the market

revo answers your call for a premium safety and storage rail to address the real needs of a growing and changing family. Configure revo to suit your family’s present and future needs.


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